Based on 2015 Wages & Benefits
Survey Deadline is March 1, 2016

Dear GAWDA Members,

GAWDA has partnered with the Profit Planning group to conduct the “2016 Cross-Industry Compensation Study”.

The last study that GAWDA participated in was in 2008 and many of our members have requested that we participate in an updated report.

GAWDA is a co-sponsor of the 2016 Employee Compensation Survey. This Profit Planning Group survey provides an analysis of management and employee pay scales, employee benefits and sales policies across a broad spectrum of wholesalers. The results of the survey will be especially valuable to executives who must demonstrate to the IRS that their compensation is “reasonable”

There is no cost to participate.

  • Participating member companies will receive a Free copy of “Volume 1 of the GAWDA Employee Compensation report” and “Volume 2: Employee Compensation Report ― Cross-Industry Data”.
  • Non-participation member companies may buy a copy of both volumes for $295.00.


  • Volume 1: GAWDA Employee Compensation Report
    This report presents the results of the analysis of data submitted by all GAWDA participants.  The document will be provided in a PDF file.
  • Volume 2: Employee Compensation Report ― Cross-Industry Data
    This report presents the results of the analysis of data submitted by all participants from every sponsoring organization.  This report will be provided in an Excel spreadsheet.

Filling out your survey
Download Excel Survey File Here

Send completed surveys directly to Profit Planning Group
Submit by email to or by FAX to 303.444.9245 or by mail to:
Profit Planning Group, 4800 Baseline Rd., Suite E-100 #251, Boulder, CO 80303-2643.

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