Mission Statement

To promote the safe operation and economic vitality
of distributors of industrial gases and related equipment manufacturers.

Statement of Purpose

  1.  PROVIDE high impact educational and training opportunities and meetings for the industry
  2.  DEVELOP, publish and promote the broadest distribution of information for safety and environmentally responsible practices
  3.  PARTNER with our manufacturer members
  4.  ANTICIPATE and proactively influence federal government activities and issues of interest to the industry, provide analysis on current issues and disseminate relevant information to the membership
  5.  MAINTAIN a strong and involved membership
  6.  OFFER quality services tailored to meet the member company’s changing needs in a competitive environment
  7.  ESTABLISH GAWDA as the authoritative source of the industry
  8.  ADVANCE the growth and technological progress of the industry
  9.  SERVE the current and future needs of our member companies so they may better serve their customers, employees and society
  10.  STRIVE aggressively to build GAWDA’s position and image as the national voice for our industry

GAWDA History

Founded in 1945 as the National Welding Supply Association (NWSA), the Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) has represented the distributors and manufacturers of welding supplies and materials for over 75 years. The association was formed to facilitate the industry’s supply chain and to promote the value of distribution. Interestingly, even at the inception of NWSA, the welding supply industry hinged, in large part, on the distribution of industrial gases. Many NWSA members grew the gases side of their businesses and began to incorporate medical gases into their product offerings.  In 2002, to more accurately reflect the changing industry and membership, the National Welding Supply Association changed its name to the “Gases and Welding Distributors Association”.

GAWDA serves over 550 gases and welding supply distributors, manufacturers, independent manufacturer’s representatives and individual members, and is the major trade association representing the industrial gases and welding supply industry. GAWDA provides the industry’s foremost resource for safety and compliance information with member access to five expert safety and compliance consultants. The association also leads the industry in providing education, industry updates, publications and e-newsletters, monthly teleconferences, and networking opportunities at our Annual Convention, Spring Management Conference, Regional Meetings and the Contact Booth Programs.

Being a part of GAWDA is an opportunity to share in the pride derived from the history of the association, stay on the cutting edge of the constantly-changing present of the industry, and help set the direction for the exciting future of the distribution of gases and welding supplies and equipment.


Strategic Plan

A sound planning process begins with analyzing the situation as it currently exists. An organized approach to this analysis indicates a number of subjects that need to be addressed. The participants in the planning workshop carefully analyzed various phases of GAWDA: recent developments and market trends; an organization profile; the GAWDA mission; programs, services and activities; membership trends; a financial analysis and an organizational assessment. This analysis is necessary to provide a basis for the development of sound plans.