Part of the GAWDA experience is to provide the resources necessary to grow your business. People development is a key foundation for this growth. Continuing education in distribution management provides the knowledge upon which people develop and refine management skills enabling businesses to grow more successfully.   (If you can recommend an industrial management school, welding school, or helpful seminar that other welding industry managers would find valuable, please submit names and contact numbers to Natasha Alexis.)

The Lincoln Electric Welding School

Lincoln Tech

AWS Welding Education Programs

Texas A&M University’s Thomas A. Read Center

    In keeping with its vision of the future, the Read Center educates the industry leaders of tomorrow through the Texas A&M University undergraduate program in Industrial Distribution. The nation’s oldest (established in 1956) and largest, the program combines extensive business and management education with practical engineering courses. If it has to do with research or education in industrial distribution, chances are we can help.