Part of the GAWDA experience is to provide the resources necessary to grow your business. People development is a key foundation for this growth. Continuing education in distribution management provides the knowledge upon which people develop and refine management skills enabling businesses to grow more successfully.   (If you can recommend an industrial management school, welding school, or helpful seminar that other welding industry managers would find valuable, please submit names and contact numbers to

The Lincoln Electric Welding School

Lincoln Tech

Hobart Institute of  Welding Technology

AWS Welding Education Programs

Texas A&M University’s Thomas A. Read Center

    In keeping with its vision of the future, the Read Center educates the industry leaders of tomorrow through the Texas A&M University undergraduate program in Industrial Distribution. The nation’s oldest (established in 1956) and largest, the program combines extensive business and management education with practical engineering courses. If it has to do with research or education in industrial distribution, chances are we can help.

NAM Manufacturing Institute partnered with the University of Phoenix

    Together, the Institute and University of Phoenix will help NAM-member companies develop a sustainable manufacturing workforce for the 21st century. We recognize the value of higher education and manufacturing for both companies and their employees. We are creating a more educated, skilled and mobile manufacturing workforce, so NAM-member companies may continue to be competitive and successful in the global market.

Supplier Listing

3M Speedglas or
Acetylene Supply Company
ACME Cryogenics, Inc.
Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment (ASGE)
Air Liquide America Specialty Gases
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
All Safe Global, Inc.
ALM Positioners
American Cap Company, LLC
American Standard Manufacturing/ASM
American Torch Tip Company
American Wire Research, Inc.
Amtech Insurance Brokers, Inc.  A Division of Assured SKCG, Inc.
AmWINS Program Underwriters
Anthony Welded Products, Inc.
Applied Cryo Technologies
ARCON Welding Equipment, LLC
Arcos Industries, LLC
Broco Rankin
BTIC America Corporation
Bug-O Systems/Weld Tooling Corp.
California Cylinder Corporation
Carbide Industries, LLC
Carbo Tech, Inc.
Catalina Cylinders – West
Cavagna North America, Inc.
CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels
Chart Industries, Inc.
Chemtane Energy LLC
Chemweld, Inc.
Chesterfield Special Cylinders Ltd.
Coleman Cable/Southwire
Computers Unlimited
Continental Abrasives
CP Industries Holdings Inc.
CPV Manufacturing
Cramer Decker Compressed Gas Equipment
Cryogenic Industries
Cryogenic Solutions
Cryostar USA
CryoVation, LLC
CTR Inc.
Cylinder Recyclers, LLC
Cyl-Tec, Inc.
Cyltex, LLC
Dake Corporation
Dataonline LLC
DataWeld, Inc.
Digital Wave Corporation
Direct Wire and Cable, Inc.
Dynaflux Inc.
Electronic Fluorocarbons (Supplier)
Eleet Cryogenics, Inc.
Erie Technologies
ESAB Welding & Cutting
Eutectic Corporation
Evergreen Midwest, Inc.
FasTest, Inc.
Federated Insurance
FIBA Technologies, Inc.
Flame Technologies
Flange Wizard Inc.
Flexovit USA, Inc.
Forney Industries, Inc.
Foxx Equipment Company
G&J Hall Tools, Inc.
Gas Equipment Company, Inc.
Gas Innovations/WWS
Gasworld Publishing LLC/dba Cryogas International
Generant Company, Inc.
Genstar Technologies Company, Inc. (Gentec)
Gerhart Gas Technologies
Global Calibration Gases
Goss, Inc.
GULLCO International, Inc.
H & M Pipe Beveling Machine Company, Inc.
Harrison Valve
Hyperkinetics Corp
Hypertherm, Inc.
Infra, S.A. de C.V.
Inweld Corporation
Irco Automation, Inc
ITW Welding
John Tillman Company
JPW Industries, Inc.;;
Kaplan Industries, Inc.
Kemper System America, Inc.
Kimberly-Clark Professional
Kiswel USA, Inc.
Kobelco Welding of America, Inc.
Leaders LLC
Lehigh Equipment Company, Inc.
LENOX & IRWIN Tools a Division of Newell-Rubbermaid
Lessman Brushes
Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc.
Luxfer Gas Cylinders
Luxfer-GTM Technologies, Inc.
Mack Valves Ply Ltd
Magswitch Technology, Inc.
Manchester Tank & Equipment Co.
Mathey Dearman, Inc.
Mercer Industries
Metal Impact
Metalman Work Gear Co.
Midwest Cylinder, Inc.
MK Products, Inc.
MPT Industries
National Standard Company
NORDCO Inc.- Cyl-Sonic Systems Division
Norris Cylinder Company
Northeast Pressure Vessel Testing
Norton Abrasives
Orange Research
ORS Nasco-an Essendant Company
Otto Arc Systems
Owner Resource Group
Oxford Alloys, Inc.
Pandjiris, Inc.
Parenta & Sons Enterprises, Inc.
PDC Machines, Inc
Pearl Abrasive Co.
Postle Industries, Inc.
Praxair, Inc.
Precision Specialty Gas Products
Prism Visual Software, Inc.
Protocol Environmental Solutions Inc.
Pure Ox
Ranch Cryogenics, Inc.
Rasco FR
Ratermann Manufacturing, Inc.
Ray Murray, Inc.
Reelcraft Industries, Inc.
Rego/Superior Products
Reis Robotics USA
Revco Industries, Inc. (Black Stallion)
Rexarc International Inc.
Rotarex North America
Saf T Cart
Sandvik Materials Technology
Sanrex Corporation
Select-Arc, Inc.
Sellstrom Manufacturing Company
Sherwood Valve
Sky Cylinder Testing, Inc.
Southern Pines Trucking & Cryogenic Services
Steelmax Tools, LLC
Steiner Industries
SUMIG USA Corporation
Sundisc Abrasives LLC
Superflash Gas Safety Equipment
Taylor-Wharton Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Techniweld (USA)
The Gasflux Company
The Harris Products Group
The L.S. Starrett Co.
The Lincoln Electric Company
The M.K. Morse Company
Thermacut, Inc.
Thompson Group
Tier 5 Labs, LLC
Titan CO2
TrackAbout, Inc.
Trafimet USA
Trinity Cryogenics, LLC   www.
Tyrolit Industrial Abrasives
Unisource Manufacturing, Inc.
United Abrasives, Inc./SAIT
Uniweld Products, Inc.
US Cryogenics, Inc.
US Tank & Cryogenic Equipment, Inc.
Veite Cryogenic Equipment and Service, Inc.
Voestalpine Bohler Welding USA Inc.
Walter Surface Technologies
Washington Alloy Company
WDPG Insurance, A Horton Group Partner
WEH Technologies, Inc.
Weiler Abrasives Group
Weld-Aid Products, Inc.
Weldcote Metals
Welding Alloys
Welding Company of America (WELDCOA)
Welding Material Sales, Inc.
Weldsale Company LLC
Weldship Corporation
WestChester Protective Gear
Western Enterprises
Western International Gas & Cylinders, Inc.
Western Sales & Testing of Amarillo, Inc.
Wire Wizard Welding Products
WITT Gas Controls
Worthington Industries
Wright Brothers Global Gas
Zephyr Solutions, Inc.