If you need specific information concerning the topics listed below, feel free to contact any member of the GAWDA staff directly.

1 Oakwood Blvd., Suite 195
Hollywood, FL 33020
Phone: 954-367-7728
Fax: 954-367-7790
Email: gawda@gawda.org
Website: www.gawda.org

John Ospina
Executive Director
Phone:  954-367-7728 ext 240
Email:  jospina@gawda.org

Natasha Alexis
Director of Meetings and Operations
Phone: 954-367-7728 ext 210
Email: nalexis@gawda.org

Stephen Hill
Membership Services Manager, Contact Booth Program
Phone: 954-367-7728 ext 220
Email: shill@gawda.org

Bruce Ellenbogen
Accounting Associate, Event Registration
Phone: 954-367-7728 ext 230
Email: bellenbogen@gawda.org

Andrea Levy
Director of Membership Services and Programs
Phone: 954-367-7728
Email: alevy@gawda.org

Mailing Address: 1415 W. Genesee St.,
Syracuse, NY  13204
Fax: 315-422-1721

William Brod
Publisher, Welding & Gases Today Magazine (W&GT)
Phone: 315-445-2347 x 138
Email:  billbrod@datakey.org

Tim Hudson
Relationship Manager/Advertising, (W&GT) Magazine,GAWDA Membership Directory, Members-Only Buyers Guide
Phone: 315-445-2347 x 114
Email:  timh@datakey.org

Diane Stirling
Senior Editor, Welding & Gases Today Magazine
Phone: 315-445-2347 x 120
Email:  dianes@datakey.org

Robin Turk
Graphic Designer, Welding  & Gases Today Magazine
Phone: 315-445-2347 x 129
Email: robint@datakey.org