ITR Economics

GAWDA Annual
Industry Analysis
Webinar 2022

Thank you to those who joined us for this informative session with Economist Patrick Luce of ITR Economics.

If you missed the session, or would like to watch a replay and download the presenation, click here to access the ITR Folder in the GAWDA Members-Only website.

November 2, 2022 @ 2:30pm Eastern

2022 is winding down and it is time to prepare for the challenges and opportunities of 2023.

This free members-only webinar will take place on Wednesday, November 2nd at 2:30PM EST and will be hosted by ITR Economics’ Patrick Luce.

Patrick is a vital member of ITR Economics’ team of expert economists. He lends his expertise to client reports, forecast reviews, research, and frequent communications with clients. Patrick double-majored in finance and economics at the University of Tampa and went on to earn a master’s degree in economics from the University of South Florida. His accomplishments include serving as a panel member and moderator for Institute of Strategic Policy Solutions events, serving as a contributor to the American Water Works Association Manual M1, presenting at AWWA Utility Management Conferences, and publishing insights in the Florida Water Resources Journal.

Prior to joining the ITR Economics team, Patrick worked as a management consultant, specializing in financial and economic modeling for local government agencies. Additionally, Patrick is an adjunct professor at his undergraduate alma mater, where he teaches courses in macroeconomics.

During this hour Patrick will discuss the report’s methodology and specifically address how this data can be applied to your company’s internal planning and forecasting. We will explore consumer trends and market opportunities, labor constraints, and the inflationary environment and production costs. With each topic, we will include practical business responses, tactics, and strategies in order to maximize market potential and company preparedness.

We will also:

  • Assess business demand for 2023 and into 2024
  • Look at ITR’s key leading indicators that clearly foretell upcoming cyclical turns in the economy and markets
  • Present relevant market outlooks and discuss issues that have an impact on your profitability via resource allocation, budgets, expectations, and strategic planning
  • Assess interest rate trends and impacts to the broader economy
  • Provide insight regarding inflation, supply chain, and international trends that impact your business

Attendees will leave the session armed and ready with what they need to plan for the future.

Join us Wednesday, November 2nd at 2:30PM Eastern.

There is no charge for GAWDA Members to attend.

If you have any questions, or need assistance registering, please contact Andrea Levy, GAWDA Director Member Services & Programs.