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GAWDA’s Member Get-A-Member is our Membership Referral Recruitment Program. Study after study has shown that people are more likely to join an Association when they are invited by someone they know. And we’ve successfully put that power to work for GAWDA!

What’s it in for you? 

Recognition — See your name in Welding & Gases Today

Awards — Sponsor the most new members & join our President onstage at the Annual Convention

Rewards — Receive $100 for each new Distributor member you sponsor

Exceptional Opportunity — Great new GAWDA members

Invite your business friends, colleagues or business associates to join GAWDA. When they join GAWDA, you will officially become a Sponsor in our Recruitment Recognition Program.

All Sponsors that bring in new members will be acknowledged to GAWDA membership, and if your new member is a Distributor you will receive a $100 reward from GAWDA.  Please see official program rules and guidelines for details.

Recognition Program Rules*

Click here to download a copy of the Program Rules


    • The annual program period for the “Recognition Program” is between Annual Conventions. A new reporting period begins after the presentation ceremony at the Annual Convention.
    • Only new “Distributor” and “Supplier” member categories will be counted. A new member is any company that has either never been a GAWDA member or has not been an active GAWDA member for two or more years.
    • Individuals and Manufacturers Representatives, while welcome to join GAWDA, are not included in this program.


    • Sponsors must be employed by an active GAWDA Distributor or Supplier member company to qualify for program participation.
    • There can only be one sponsor per new member.
    • The “sponsor name” provided on the new member application form will be listed as the official sponsor.
    • If no sponsor name appears on a new member application form, GAWDA Staff will contact the new member for a name. If no name is given and there is an issue regarding claims for sponsorship, GAWDA staff will make a final determination based on the information available.


    • New members (and their sponsors) are announced monthly in the GAWDA Connection e-newsletter and in the quarterly Welding & Gases Today magazine.


    • The member who sponsors the most new members in an annual period will be invited to join the GAWDA President on stage during the Annual Convention, as well as have their name prominently displayed on the big screen.
    • A list of all sponsor members and their corresponding new member(s) will be displayed during the business sessions “award ceremony” at the Annual Convention.
    • Any member who sponsors a new Distributor member will receive a $100 reward for each new Distributor member they sponsor. Sponsor rewards will be mailed at the end of each Annual reporting period. GAWDA staff will contact the sponsor as to where to mail the reward.

GAWDA Membership Benefits

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Member Get-A-Member Flyer*

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GAWDA Membership Application

Visit GAWDA’s Membership Application Center here.

*Updated 05/2022