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The recently formed Young & Emerging Professionals Committee within the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) has been hard at work planning this groundbreaking series of webinars, launching in mid-August and running through the end of September 2020.  Registration is complimentary for all GAWDA CGA subscribers.*

This innovative series of online events, co-hosted by CGA and the Gases & Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA), promises to deliver unparalleled learning opportunities for the compressed gas industry’s next generation of great safety thinkers and leaders.

Individual webinars will cover an exceptional lineup of educational topics, including: cylinder filling (industrial and medical gases); hydrogen production, storage, transport, and emerging applications; and oxygen safety (cleaning, compatibility, and lessons learned). These sessions will focus on communicating the reasons for requirements in today’s safety standards, including lessons learned through incidents, near misses, and the personal experiences of each presenter.

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*Please Note: Summit attendance is limited to young and emerging professionals who work for member companies in good standing with CGA or GAWDA (in order to register through GAWDA, your company must participate in the CGA publications subscription program — click here to learn more about GAWDA CGA Membership.) “Young and emerging professionals” are defined as those aged 45 years or younger, OR someone who is new to their area of industry operations.