GAWDA Member Testimonials

“More Value Than I Bargained For!”

“Attending GAWDA meetings is the easiest and most cost effective way for me to network with all the supplier and distributor companies that are vital to my success”

“As a new supplier to the industry, GAWDA is the best way for me to meet all of the players and to get my products and services introduced to the marketplace”

Consultant Guidance and Advice

“I was almost embarrassed to show you our shipping paper, but I knew it was better to have you point out the errors than DOT. Thank you again for all of your assistance – it would be next to impossible to try to keep this straight without you! I look forward to your advice in the future.”
Distributor General Manager, after free guidance and advice.

“After a recent acquisition, I needed to make sure our branches would pass a DOT inspection. I hired GAWDA’s Traffic Consultant to audit all of our sites. He uncovered a surprising number of deficiencies, but when DOT made a surprise inspection 2 weeks later, we were ready, and DOT’s report contained only compliments. I was relieved, and the branch managers and their staff were pumped! A huge return on a small investment.”
Distributor President, after on-site audit at low GAWDA rates.




“To be able to share knowledge with other suppliers openly, and to obtain ideas for new strategies from the top Blue Chip companies more than paid for the cost of the trip and my time. This was my first convention, and I felt very welcomed.”
Distributor President


Educational Programming

“I believe the ideas I learned are not only important, but critical to my company’s growth in this industry –not just physical growth, but fiscal growth!”
Distributor after Spring Management Conference.

“Very interesting seminar. Extremely worthwhile -it exceeded my expectations!”
Distributor after special seminar on Sales Management. -“The Keeper of the Knowledge”

“I was browsing the web for related business information and came upon the web site. Because of the quantity and variety of information available from GAWDA, I decided to join GAWDA.”
Distributor General Manager, after finding essential safety and compliance information on the GAWDA web site.

“I learned more about the welding and industrial gas industry by reviewing the web site than I could possibly have learned on the job.”
Distributor Safety Manager, after reviewing the information available on the GAWDA web site.