CGA Compressed Gas AssociationGAWDA Distributor Safety Program

Easy Access to CGA’s Extensive Safety Resources

GAWDA has partnered with the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) to provide valuable safety resources to Distributor Members. GAWDA Distributor Members participating in this safety program have free access to the Compressed Gas Association’s library of electronic safety publications, eLearning modules, safety posters, and more.

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In addition, GAWDA and CGA co-sponsor the Distributor Safety Award, which recognizes the Distributor with the greatest improvement in safety performance over the past five years.

Program sign up is easy! Use the links below to access the Subscriber Application and Safety Data Reporting Form*.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the Distributor Safety Program?

The program is open to any GAWDA Distributor Member in good standing.

How do I sign up for the program?

New participants should complete the GAWDA Subscriber Application and the GAWDA Safety Data Reporting Form*. The Safety Data Reporting Form is based on the OSHA 300A form. You can complete the 1 Year or 5 Year Safety Data Reporting Form; you must submit 5 years of data to be eligible for the Distributor Safety Award.

]Existing participants that participated in the program in the previous calendar year should complete the GAWDA Safety Data Reporting Form (1 Year). If you need to update the list of employees who have access to CGA materials, you can use the GAWDA Subscriber Update Form to update that information.

Completed forms should be emailed to

What happens with my safety data?

We understand that your safety data is private. When your safety data is submitted, it is processed by CGA staff and aggregated to track industry safety trends. Summaries of aggregate data may be shared to inform the industry about safety trends. We will never share safety data identifying your company without your express permission.

What benefits does this program include?

Free access to CGA’s electronic library of 350+ industry safety standards. The top titles accessed by GAWDA members include:

      • CGA C-1, Methods for Pressure Testing Compressed Gas Cylinders and Tubes
      • CGA C-6, Standard for Visual Inspection of Steel Compressed Gas Cylinders
      • CGA C-6.1, Standard for Visual Inspection of High Pressure Aluminum Alloy Compressed Gas Cylinders
      • CGA G-6.2, Standard for Visual Inspection and Requalification of Fiber Reinforced High Pressure Cylinders
      • CGA C-7, Guide to Classification and Labeling of Compressed Gases
      • CGA C-10, Guideline to Prepare Cylinders and Tubes for Gas Service and Changes in Gas Service
      • CGA C-13, Standard for Periodic Visual Inspection and Requalification of Acetylene Cylinders
      • CGA P-1, Standard for Safe Handling of Compressed Gases in Containers
      • CGA P-15, Standard for Filling of Nonflammable Compressed Gas Cylinders
      • CGA V-1, Standard for Compressed Gas Cylinder Valve Outlet and Inlet Connections

View all publications here.

Free access to CGA’s eLearning modules, which allow self-paced user education any place and any time. The eLearning library includes the following titles:

      • CGA TM-1, Safe Handling and Storage of Compressed Gas Cylinders
      • CGA TM-2, Safe Handling of Acetylene Cylinders
      • CGA TM-3, Safe Handling of Cryogenic Liquids in Portable Containers
      • CGA TM-4, Filling of Uninsulated Carbon Dioxide Cylinders
      • CGA TM-5, Filling of High Pressure Medical Oxygen Cylinders
      • CGA TM-6, Filling of High Pressure Industrial Gas Cylinders
      • CGA TM-7, Introduction to Compressed Gas Cylinder Valves
      • CGA TM-8, Oxygen Safety
      • CGA TM-9, Specialty Gases and Specialty Gas Mixtures
      • CGA TM-10, Devalving Compressed Gas Cylinders

View all educational resources here.

Free access to CGA’s safety posters for industrial gas facilities and end users. These safety posters are a great visual reminder of key safety information, and can be personalized with your company’s brand and contact information. View and download safety posters here.

Free access to CGA’s Handbook of Compressed Gases virtual tool. The Handbook tool provides information on the properties, uses, emergency response, safety, and special handling information for fifty-eight of the most common compressed gases. Access the Handbook here.

Free and reduced-price access to CGA seminars and webinars. Join us for events like the Acetylene & Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Seminar, the Cylinder Requalification Operations Safety Seminar, the Specialty Gases Safety Seminar, the Young & Emerging Professionals Safety Seminar, and more. View upcoming events here.

Reduced pricing on hard copy orders of CGA publications. Enjoy CGA member pricing on any hard copy publication orders.

Where do I get access to CGA resources once I have signed up?

The login page for CGA materials is

Links for frequently used resources:

Any questions can be directed to Mike Federovich, Compressed Gas Association, at or 703-788-2700.

*Companies with 10 or less employees may opt out of providing safety data.

Updated 2023