Medical Gas Compliance Alert (June 2018)


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Medical Gas Compliance Alert

18 June 2018 Florida HCCE Permits

This GAWDA Medical Gas Compliance Alert is meant to inform/remind GAWDA members of a license verification requirement in Florida. Please consider how this might affect your company.

17 June 2018 – Health Care Clinic Establishment License Verification

HCCE Licenses – When a doctor, dentist, veterinarian or pharmacist buys a prescription drug/medical gas in Florida, they can use their own license to buy the drug/medical gas. However, when they incorporate or otherwise become a business entity, that business entity needs legal authority to purchase prescription drugs/medical gas. The lawful authority to purchase drugs for clinics is documented in the Health Care Clinic Establishment (HCCE) permit.

For example, if the Doctor is paying for the prescription drugs/medical gases then no HCCE permit is required but if the firm/business entity is paying then a HCCE is required.

Hospitals do not need an HCCE permit since their existing Health Care Entity permit allows them to purchase drugs.

Recommended Practice – Where you are selling medical gases to clinics, assure that you have the HCCE permit number on your shipping paperwork and invoice.

GAWDA Medical Gas Compliance Alerts are available for other states. If you have questions about this, or other FDA issues, please contact Tom Badstubner: or 508-883-0927.

Download the Safety Warning PDF here

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