GAWDA FDA Compliance Alert (May-3-2015)

OSHA GHS Compliance and CGA C-7-2014

Compliance Alert –OSHA GHS Compliance For Medical Gas Cylinders

Q – Must we remove the existing medical gas label under the epoxy clear-coat on small Oxygen, USP cylinders?

A – GAWDA recommends that its members follow CGA C-7-2014, Guide to Classification and Labeling of Compressed Gases for labeling of compressed gas containers. C-7 was updated in 2014 to address GHS requirements.

For many years, the medical gas industry has successfully worked with the FDA on the appropriate labeling material for medical gas cylinders. Fortunately for us, the FDA accepts CGA C-7 in lieu of the agency’s much more difficult labeling regulations (21 CFR 201).

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Tom Badstubner, GAWDA Medical Gas Consultant –, or Mike Dodd, GAWDA DOT/OSHA/EPA Consultant –



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