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AWS provides economical, self-paced training and certification to enhance the competitive skills of welding sales professionals at companies like yours. The AWS Certified Welding Sales Representative validation is the mark of a sales professional who adds value to every sale, and who can outcompete the average welding sales representative.
Contact David Hernandez (dhernandez@aws.org) at (800) 443-9353, ext 219.


AWS’s Welding Fundamentals Online is a self-paced seminar designed to provide technical knowledge and insight to non-welders who work in the welding and fabricating industry. The course provides a fundamental overview of the most widely used welding processes. AWS provides a discount to GAWDA members, who can resell the program to their customers. A well-informed customeris a loyal customer.
Contact David Hernandez (dhernandez@aws.org) at (800) 443-9353, ext 219.


The demand for AWS Certified Welders is increasing dramatically, leading to revenue growth for welding distributors who are recognized and promoted by AWS as Accredited Test Facilities. This program is now endorsed by NAM as a key component of the national Manufacturing Skills Certification System.
Contact Emil Pagoaga (epagoaga@aws.org) at (800) 443-9353, ext. 448.


GAWDA members can optimize networking opportunities at AWS Section meetings. Contact your nearest AWS Section leaders via www.aws.org/findasection. They are waiting to hear from you!
Contact Rhenda Kenny (rhenda@aws.org) at (800) 443-9353, ext. 260