Solution Selling for Welding: AWS and GAWDA Partner to Offer Online Course

Hollywood, FL —  The Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) and the American Welding Society (AWS) have partnered to offer AWS’ Solution Selling for Welding online to GAWDA members. With the entire industry facing a labor shortage, this course can help GAWDA distributors enhance their sales staff.

In late 2021, AWS launched a new online course called “Solution Selling for Welding.”  The course is designed to help develop highly knowledgeable and effective sales personnel. Created in tandem with welding industry experts with decades of sales and engineering experience, this course focuses on two key aspects: foundational welding concepts and the “solution selling” methodology. Collectively, this provides welding salespeople with a strong, well-rounded foundation of technical knowledge and helps them incorporate a sales approach centered around solving problems and adding value.

AWS Executive Director and CEO Gary Konarska II shared:  “This online course is designed to help develop highly knowledgeable and effective sales professionals. The overarching purpose is to teach future welding sales professionals how to identify and reconcile potential clients’ needs by using a problem-led approach to product and service sales. Moreover, the program aims to improve future welding sales professionals’ sales acumen, an in-depth review of assessing present state, formulating meaningful solutions, and delivering a compelling sales message to their customers.”

GAWDA Executive Director John Ospina expanded: ”GAWDA and AWS serve the same industry in different ways. We’ve partnered in the past on other programs. AWS Executive Director Gary Konarska and I saw this as a good opportunity to provide a valuable service to our distributor members. The program provides a discounted price for members of GAWDA and also to members that belong to both associations. GAWDA-only members get a one-year complimentary membership to AWS, which allows them to explore the full suite of services that AWS offers. We’re thrilled to have AWS as an industry partner.”

To learn more about this initiative and the special offer for GAWDA Members, please visit the GAWDA website at


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