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On-Demand GAWDA Member Sales Training

Our highly successful 3-part series
— Driving Sales Success in the New Normal —
is now available “on demand” to GAWDA Members

We have partnered with GAWDA Member Venator Sales Group to offer our Members the chance to learn from sales success best practices, as we all navigate through today’s “new normal”. This 3-part series will equip participants to sell more effectively, strategically and efficiently.

The series includes 3 classes — each approximately 90 minutes long — which were recorded live, with GAWDA Distributor Members, during July 2020. The classes focus on messaging, cold calling, and advanced cold calling. The cost for each individual class is $60 per person.

Once you sign up for a class,  you will receive your personalized link.
You will have 24 hours to access and view the class video before it expires.
Once the link expires, you will no longer be able to view the individual class video. 

Class 1: Developing Your Sales Messaging
** Click here to take Class 1 **

  1.  Why traditional sales messaging is ineffective and puts us in a commodity bucket
  2.  How to create messages that differentiate and align with the prospect’s needs
  3.  How to develop targeted messaging for different markets and solution sets
  4.  How to create stakeholder specific messages

Class 2: Performing an Effective Phone-based or Walk-in Cold Call
** Click here to take Class 2 **

  1.  Why the conventional method of cold calling is so frustrating
  2.  What NOT to do: The reason most cold calls go nowhere
  3.  Using “ambivalence theory” to increase the odds of success
  4.  A “four-part key to success” in driving revenue opportunities with cold calls
  5.  Tactics for voice mail, gatekeepers, and robust prospects

Class 3: Advanced Cold Calling Tips and Techniques
** Click here to take Class 3 **

  1.  Dealing with and getting past gatekeepers
  2.  Utilizing research from sites including LinkedIn and others to find prospects
  3.  Leveraging data from job postings for production, operations and welding supervisors
  4.  Creating a compelling voicemail
  5.  Developing an effective follow-up email
  6.  The mindset and traits needed to “control the conversation”

To learn more about Venator Sales Group, please visit them here.

If you have any questions, or need assistance registering, please contact Andrea Levy, GAWDA Director Member Services & Programs.