GAWDA hires ITR Economics Beaulieu – January 4, 2017

GAWDA Begins Quarterly Economic Forecasts; Adds ITR Economics as Consultant

Hollywood, Fla. – The Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) now is offering its members
industry-specific quarterly economic forecasts and market analysis reports provided by eminent firm ITR

The association also has named ITR Economics’ principal and president, Dr. Alan Beaulieu, as GAWDA’s
chief economist, and he joins several other industry specialists on the organization’s consultant team,
according to John Ospina, GAWDA executive director.
GAWDA members will receive the first of ITR’s ongoing quarterly market analysis and forecast reports in
the first quarter of 2017, Ospina said. The information is being distributed to members through the
association’s print and online publications and via GAWDA webinars and in-person conferences.
Quarterlies and More

ITR Economics is providing GAWDA-specific and industry-tailored quarterly economic trend analysis
reports; recommendations for business actions based on market conditions and financial trends;
economic forecasts that look ahead six to 12 months; articles focused on specific economic trends,
occurrences, insights and topics; timely notices and details when economic events occur; and
discounted pricing on ITR Economics-hosted webinars.

The hiring of ITR sprung from members’ interest in obtaining more industry-specific financial forecasting
and market data to use in business decision-making, noted Mark Raimy, GAWDA’s 2016-2017 president,
who initiated the undertaking. “These trend reports are crafted 100 percent from what we at GAWDA
do. The content is so focused to GAWDA that it’s going to be much more applicable and specific to the
member base, therefore really powerful,” association President Raimy noted.

High Accuracy

ITR is known for its high rate of forecasting accuracy. In formulating reports tailored to the GAWDA
membership, the firm is using economic indicators that reflect fluctuations in the welding and gases
distribution industry; insights from the data of GAWDA businesses whose filings are public; and
information from industries that are important customers for GAWDA firms, according to Beaulieu. The
company also applies business cycle theories and its own propriety economic indicator, a factor
developed by ITR’s founder in the 1940s. Those theories “have resulted in a long-term accuracy rate of
94.7 percent or better rating four quarters into the future, on everything we forecast domestically and
internationally, for more than 30 years of tracking,” according to Beaulieu.
The reports will be highly useful to GAWDA members, Beaulieu added, “because ITR Economics is in the
risk reduction business. If we can replace ‘think’ with ‘know’ in terms of what is coming along in the
marketplace, and with a 95-percent confidence rating, that can help GAWDA members prepare before
making decisions, and that can help members enhance profitability.”

About ITR
ITR Economics is the oldest, privately-held, continuously operating economic research and consulting
firm in the United States. Since 1948, the firm has provided business leaders with economic information,
insight, analysis and strategy, and what it says is “the best economic intelligence to reduce risk and drive
practical and profitable business decisions.” Its knowledge base spans six decades and the firm has “an
uncommon understanding of long-term economic trends and how to react to critical changes in market
conditions” as well as a reputation for “excellent, independent and objective analysis,” the company

GAWDA Membership
For information about joining GAWDA, obtaining the ITR reports and the complete range of membership
benefits, contact the association’s Membership Services Manager Stephen Hill, at and