If you have questions related to:

Annual Convention, Spring Management Conference or Regional Meetings, GAWDA Website

Contact: Natasha Alexis
Email: nalexis@gawda.org
Phone: (844) 251-3219 ext. 210

Meeting Registrations/Confirmations/Receipts

Contact: Bruce Ellenbogen
Email: bellenbogen@gawda.org
Phone: (844) 251-3219 ext. 230

Member Services/Safety Bulletin

Contact: Andrea Levy
Email: alevy@gawda.org
Phone: (844) 251-3219 ext 260

All other questions

Contact: John Ospina
Email: jospina@gawda.org
Phone: (844) 251-3219 ext. 240


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  • Committees meet virtually on a regular basis, as well as face-to-face at GAWDA National Meetings. Please indicate your availability for meetings (check all that apply):