Insurance Trustees

The purpose of the GAWDA Insurance Trust is to supervise and direct a Group Insurance Program established to offer comprehensive insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost. The Insurance Trustees shall make nominations to fill any Trustee vacancy. A Trustee may serve only one full term of five years in addition to his completion of a term for which he was a substitute Trustee.


Ward Simon, Chair
Company: Oxygen Service Company
Address: 1111 Pierce Butler Rte
Saint Paul, MN 55104-1450
Phone: 651-644-7273


Brian McLaughlin
Company: USI Affinity
Address: 1 International Plaza, Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19113
Phone: 610-537-1386


Tom Biedermann
Company: Airweld, Inc.

Jimmy Walker, JR
Company: Saf-T-Cart

Eric Wood
O.E. Meyer

Open Seat