Industry Partnering Committee

The purpose of the Industry Partnering Committee is to provide the framework for manufacturers and distributors to build stronger relationships within our own organization and therefore deliver the best solutions to the end user markets that we serve to ultimately add profit and value to our individual businesses.


Doug Morton, Chair
Company: Eleet Cryogenics, Inc.
Address: 11132 Industrial Parkway
Bolivar, OH 44612
Phone: (330) 795-0154
Fax: (717) 697-0837

Jim Appledorn
Company: Lincoln Electric Company

Gary Degenhardt
Company: Chart Incorporated

Rich Dippolito
Company: Carbide Industries LLC

Debbie Doench
Company: Hobart Brothers Company

Timm Evans
Company: Cee Kay Supply, Inc.

Jon Grossman
Company: Air Products





Jim Horvath
Company: Victor Technologies

Jim Lisiecki
Company: Linde, Inc.

David London
Company: CPV Manufacturing

Bruce Nuttall
Company: Mississippi Welders Supply Company, Inc.

Felim O’Malley
Company: AWISCO

David S. Sullivan
Company: 3M Speedglas

Michael Tecklenburg
Company: Select-Arc, Inc.