To provide a forum to connect young members of the organization and develop relationships that foster personal and professional growth. To bridge the gap between young and established members of the organization to provide continuity, and further support the mission of GAWDA while expanding the organization’s reach and developing its future leadership.


Liz Standley, Co-Chair
ILMO Products, Inc.

Cody Patrick, Co-Chair
Gas Equipment Company

Jay Brant
Indiana Oxygen Company

Melissa De Jesus
Phoenix International

Allison Earlbeck
Earlbeck Gases & Technologies

Logan Evans
Volunteer Welding Supply

Justin Guitreau
Tekno Valves


Erich Haun
Haun Welding Supply, Inc.

Edward Leon
Cryogenic Industrial Solutions

Brandon Pleasant
Gullco International

Marie Ratermann
Ratermann Manufacturing, Inc.

Andy Riordan
American Welding & Gas, Inc.

Troy Saylor
Alliance Distribution

Jan Uczkowski