The purpose of this Committee is to focus on 1) communicating and educating both current and prospective members on the programs and benefits that GAWDA has to offer; 2) enhancing current offerings; 3) creating new programs that are in line with the needs of members; 4) recruiting new members and 5) retaining existing members.


Evan Bennear, Co – Chair
Company: Dale Oxygen
Address: 146 Horner St.
Johnstown, PA 15902
Phone: (814) 535-3594

Linda Smith, Co – Chair
Company: Chemweld Inc.
Address: 4530 S. Berkeley Lake Road
Norcross, GA 3009
Phone:  (770) 662-0370

Bill Visintainer-  Advisor
Company: Atlas Welding Supply Co., Inc.

Jack Butler
Company: Butler Gas Products

John Brewer
Company: Advanced Welding  & Industrial Supply

John Campbell
Company: Leaders LLLC

Kevin Carr
Company: Hocon Industrial Gas

David Day
Company: American Standard Manufacturing

Chris Holmes
Company: ORS Nasco

Jack McCulloch
Company: American Torch Tip Company


Jim O’Conner
Company: Norton Abrasives/Saint-Gobain

Brandon Pleasant
Company: Gullco International Inc.

Marie Ratermann
Ratermann Manufacturing, Inc.

Jason Reigner
Company: Inweld Corporation

Ron Rimes
Company: Lake Welding Supplies

Tim Rice
Company: Cryogas International

Steve Rosenthal
Economy Welding and Industrial Supply, LLC

Lauren Schrantz

Kevin Shelly
Company: ACD/ Cryogenic Industries

Dana Sorenson
Company: Minneapolis Oxygen Company

Ken Tidwell
Company: WDPG Business Insurance