The purpose of this Committee is to focus on 1) communicating and educating both current and prospective members on the programs and benefits that GAWDA has to offer, 2) enhancing current offerings, 3) creating new programs that are in line with the needs of members, 4) recruiting new members, and 5) retaining existing members.

Dana Sorensen, Co-Chair
Minneapolis Oxygen Company

Rick Young, Co-Chair
Cryostar USA

Rafael Arvelo

Evan Bennear
Dale Oxygen

Ben Black
Butler Gas Products

John Campbell
Intelligas Consulting

Mary Carter 
Ratermann Manufacturing, Inc

Matt Cavalier
Air Products

Will Cray
The Horton Group

Steve Dodge
Flame Technologies

Emily Harrell
RegO Products

Chris Holmes

Kurt Johannes

Colleen Kohler
Noble Gas Solutions

Zane Lee
Sidney Lee Welding Supply

John Mark McMurtry
Volunteer Welding

Jim Payne
Cryogenic Industrial Solutions

Brandon Pleasant
Gullco International Inc.

Jason Reigner
Inweld Corporation

Ron Rimes
Lake Welding Supplies

Brandon Roach
ORS Nasco

Steve Rosenthal
Economy Welding and Industrial Supply, LLC

Nick Salvucci
Anthony Welded Products

Linda Smith
Chemweld Inc.

Richelle Smith-Brecht
S.J. Smith Company

Jay Spielvogel
Venator Sales Group

John Tapley
Chart Industries, Inc.

Bill Visintainer
Atlas Welding Supply Co., Inc.