Member Benefits

Discover the PERKS of being a GAWDA Member!


Spring Management Conference

Designed to target the needs of management and operations decision makers, the SMC serves as an ideal platform for tactical networking, process-oriented business education, and actionable take-home solutions.

Annual Convention

Formatted to attract business owners and the company’s top decision makers, the AC addresses the market’s opportunities and threats at the ‘big picture’ level and provides occasion for strategic networking with the Industry’s leaders.

Regional Meetings  are scheduled throughout the year.  See the Regional Meeting Schedule for times and locations near you.



GAWDA U is an easy‐to‐use online training tool for your employees. The educational content of GAWDA U was developed to support GAWDA’s primary mission of providing information to assist you in improving your company’s safety and compliance.


Committee-sponsored webinars are scheduled periodically throughout the year and offer timely industry updates. Keep an eye on the GAWDA Calendar for specific dates and times.


Buyer’s Guide with the GAWDA MembersOnly Buyers Directory distributor members can access your product offering and contact information whenever they wish, wherever they wish.

SOP Program

SOP Manual and related company‐wide training for Oxygen USP, with modules for other medical gases.

Safety Organizers

Monthly up-to-date information targeted to safety managers.

Safety Material

Safety & Compliance Posters and Literature

Reference Manuals

Annually updated manuals on FDA, DOT, HR, OSHA and EPA regulations and guidelines.

GAWDA Career Center

With its focus on gases and welding distributors companies and professionals, the GAWDA Career Center offers members – and the industry at large – an easy-to-use and highly targeted resource for online employment connections.


Welding and Gases Today

GAWDA’s acclaimed quarterly magazine

GAWDA Connection

Bi-weekly e-newsletter with member, industry and association news.

GAWDA Wiki  is your top resource for terms and concepts relating to the gases and welding industry and your direct link to distributors, suppliers and end-users.



Expert Consultants in DOT and Homeland Security, FDA and Medical Gases, Government Affairs and HR, Group Life Insurance, OSHA and EPA, Welding Fume Litigation.

Life Insurance

Low cost coverage for employees, spouses and dependents. 50+ year program insuring member companies through MetLife and administered by USI Affinity.

Member Directory

Comprehensive reference guide to your partners in industry.